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Sometimes people can be clumsy especially with sensitive touch screens and deleting important text messages can be really frustrating.  Although most people think that when messages are deleted they are completely gone, possibly sent into a black hole, but the truth of the matter is they are most probably still on your phone’s storage.  The fact of the matter is when something is deleted; it simply means that the space that the file was once used in the storage space has been marked as an area where new data can be written.  Before new data is written on to that particular part of the phone’s storage that has been marked as deleted the old data just sits there and can be accessed using a program designed to recover deleted text messages iPhone.  These programs are great tools for clumsy people and detectives alike.


Get with the Program

Once the computer and phone have been synced the program can run and check for deleted messages and restore them.  Most programs for recovering iPhone deleted text messages are designed for and used by law enforcement and other investigative professions for the retrieval of evidence that perpetrators or suspects may be trying to hide.  There are some programs developed for the civilian market such as Data recovery for iTunes, these commercially available programs are for use by private citizens to recover deleted text messages iPhone from their own iPhones.  Being able to retrieve deleted text messages on the iPhone is extremely useful for clumsy people as well as professionals who may need to recover older text messages.



Another factor is how much storage the individual user uses, when the storage is always getting filled the chances of being able to recover deleted text messages iPhone become very slim.  When new data has overwritten the text messages, old storage allocatopn space on the disk it can no longer be accessed even by the most powerful recovery software.  These limitations are extended to consumer software such as Wondershare as well.  Although there are limitations to programs that can retrieve deleted text messages on the iPhone, they are still extremely useful tools that almost any iPhone user should take advantage of.